Serving, honouring, and empowering through life transitions

Meaningful Passages

Based in Dundas, Ontario, Meaningful Passages is here to help with life’s biggest and often most difficult transitions. Whether offering compassionate support to those passing on and to their families or honouring important life events like job loss or gain, moving, divorce, or any other significant change, Meaningful Passages offers a unique, personalized approach to life transitions. Meaningful Passages is run by an experienced PSW and grief and bereavement support worker and a life cycle celebrant. Click here for more information about our services.

What is Meaningful Passages?

Meaningful Passages was created out of a desire to serve, honour and empower people as they move through a variety of life transitions. This thoughtful service offers a broad range of support to people experiencing significant challenges and changes in their lives.


What is a life transition?

Any life event or rite of passage that people identify as important to them such as: illness, death, birth, retirement, separation, loss of loved ones including pets, change of job or residence, etc. (Can we add some more text here so it will approximately have the same lenghts as on the first and last column?)


How we work

Integrating mindful and holistic techniques, we offer a compassionate approach to honouring and supporting people on their personal journeys. We offer care that is fluid, adaptive, respectful, creative in response to the individual’s needs, with sensitivity to cultural, spiritual and individual beliefs.


Who we are

Rebecca Daum

Rebecca Daum

Thana-Doula, Palliative Personal Support Worker, Grief and Bereavement Companion, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner.

Lori Goldblatt

Lori Goldblatt

Thana-Doula, Life-Cycle Celebrant, Reiki Teacher.

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Meaningful Passages
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