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Grief Resides Among Us

“If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears.

If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.” ~ Santosh Kalwar

 Sitting Side by Side with Grief:

Grief resides among us, each and every day.  We all have experienced loss in some form or another.  For some, it was the death of a loved one, others it may have been loss of relationship, loss of job, loss of physical ability due to illness.  Either way, grief accompanies those losses, each time! Grief changes who we are and changes how we relate to others and navigate our way through the world.  As fellow human beings who may bear witness to this grief, this introductory workshop will allow you to learn ways to support those friends and family members while they negotiate their grief journey, for however long is necessary.

Workshop Overview:

  • Understanding Grief & Loss – it’s just not about Death
  • Overview of the “Companioning” Model of Supportive Care vs “Treatment” Model
  • The Eleven Tenets of Companioning the Bereaved
  • Wisdom Teachings for Companioning the Bereaved
  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Empathetic Listening

Who Would Benefit:

  • Lay People who live and work in the community
  • Family and Friends of the Bereaved
  • Co-Workers, Neighbors, Fellow Church Members of the Bereaved
  • Also perfect for the Volunteer who may be supporting the bereaved directly or indirectly

Workshop Materials:

  • Structured on the Fundamental teachings of Dr. Alan Wolfelt
  • Resource Book: “Companioning the Bereaved~A Soulful Guide for Caregivers” by Dr. Alan Wolfelt
  • Complimentary teachings from Mindful and Contemplative Approach

About the Facilitator:

Rebecca Daum, Grief and Bereavement Companion, Thana Doula and Palliative Care PSW, offers a companioning model of support that allows for the authentic expression of each person’s  unique grief.  Rebecca has specialized training from both the U.S. and Canada in Grief and Berevement Studies and in End of Life Care.  Rebecca integrates a mindful and contemplative approach along with her sensitive communication style to create a safe space for trust, respect and relationships to evolve.

Rebecca and her colleague Lori Goldblatt, have formed a unique service called Meaningful Passages.  Together they offer compassionate support to people moving through their end of life experience, as well as for their families, friends and caregivers.



“In the face of events that threaten to overwhelm our lives, storytelling gives us a way of reclaiming ourselves and reaffirming our connection with other people ~those who listen to our stories and, by doing so, bear witness with us.” ~ Victoria Alexander


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