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Benefits of Reiki:

It can be used at any time and in a variety of situations, including the treatment of illness, complications from accidents, preparing for end of life, or to simply treat the many physical and emotional symptoms of tension and stress in our daily lives.  It can also be an effective way to maintain our overall health and well-being.

How is Reiki treatment experienced?

Individuals are fully dressed as the practitioner  places hands gently on or just above the body.  A specific set of hand positions are followed and are held in place to allow the energy flow.  People receiving Reiki often comment that they feel deeply relaxed or meditative during the treatment, and may even fall asleep.  A treatment can last anywhere from a few minutes (if someone is being treated on the spot for an acute occurrence of pain or after an accident), to a full session which usually lasts 2 hours.  In our practice at Meaningful Passages, we allow time for sharing and gathering of information about specific needs before the treatment begins and then space given at the end to process the experience together.  The actual treatment portion on the table is approximately 75 minutes.

Reiki sessions can be offered in a variety of settings from our warm and inviting Dundas location to in-hospital or in-home treatments utilizing a couch, bed, wheelchair, or our portable massage table.

Reiki courses and training:

The Usui Method of Reiki is offered in 3 levels.  Our Level 1 course taught as a 15-hour traditional training focusing on self-treatment and how to treat others.  Level 2 is taught in three 3-hour sessions and fosters a deeper understanding of self and  Reiki through the teaching of Reiki symbols.  Level 3 is offered as a specialized year long apprenticeship training to become Reiki Master/Teacher.

Level 1 training is also available for children ages 8-12 and for young adults.

We also design and offer specialized courses to professionals working in various settings such as long-term care facilities and hospitals, and to family members or those working with patients who are ill or dying.

Lori Goldblatt, Reiki Teacher/Master, Thana Doula and Life-Cycle Celebrant, and Rebecca Daum, Palliative, P.S.W., Grief & Bereavement Companion and Reiki Level 2 Practitioner offer Reiki along with their other skills and training in an integrated approach to supporting people in different life transitions.

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